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    [Update] Paint.NET 3.0 Alpha 1 verfügbar

    Die Alpha-Version könnt hier downloaden: Paint.NET 3.0 Alpha 1

    Aber bedenkt, dass sich die Software im Alpha-Stadium befindet


    ...viele PCs


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      Paint.NET 3.0 Beta 1

      * New effect: Clouds
      * New menu command: Edit->Fill Selection (shortcut key: Backspace). This will fill any selected area with the primary color.
      * New toolbar item / hotkey: The brush size may be manipulated with +/- buttons in the toolbar. Hotkeys for this are [ and ], and you may hold Ctrl to increment or decrement by 5.
      * New translations: They are not complete yet, and in fact some have just been started. They are mostly in place right now in order to get the code correct: Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portugese, and Spanish. You will have the ability to choose one of these languages during installation, and from the Help->Language menu, but the text will still be either mostly or completely English. Complete translations will be finished by February.
      * Added left-handed shortcut keys for Cut (Shift+Del), Copy (Ctrl+Ins), Paste (Shift+Ins)
      * Upper-left coordinate of selection is now displayed in the status bar
      * When moving text with the Text tool, the anchor point coordinate is now displayed in the status bar
      * Fixed: In high-DPI mode (120dpi), the color swatch would translate the mouse location to the wrong color palette entry
      * Fixed: Alpha-channel handling for bicubic and super-sampling image resampling methods
      * Fixed: Very slow download speeds for updates in Vista
      * Fixed: In Vista, the updater would relaunch Paint.NET with the same administrator privileges that the installer executed in. Now it will relaunch Paint.NET with the pre-elevation user and privilege level. Note that this fix will not be apparent until the next update to Paint.NET.
      * Fixed some layout and rendering issues with the floating tool windows in Vista
      * Fixed a rendering issue with the font selection dropdown list
      * Fixed a performance issue with the font selection dropdown list in Vista
      * Right-clicking on a color in the palette will now set the secondary color
      * Palette files now allow comments to be placed after color values
      * Fixed: If Edit->Paste in to New Image was pasting a bitmap with transparency (from Paint.NET), it would have a white background instead of a transparent background.
      * Fixed: Right-clicking on a .PDN file in Explorer and then selecting "Print" would not work if Paint.NET was already open
      * Fixed over 10 user-reported crash bugs
      * Fixed several out-of-memory crashes
      * Fixes for many other miscellaneous, mostly minor, bugs
      download: Paint.NET - Download


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        Paint.NET 3.0 Beta 2
        v3.0 Beta 2: December 11th, 2006
        This is the fourth public test release for v3.0. Since Beta 1, the following changes have been made:

        * Fixed: Tablet PC startup crash
        * Fixed: Application not starting again after it was closed quickly due to an abandoned mutex and process
        * Fixed: Some plugins were crashing in non-English because of a bug in the resource manager
        * Fixed: Pressing ESC was not deselecting
        * Fixed: A few small UI inconsistencies
        * Fixed: Toolbars in Choose Defaults dialog were overflowing in some languages
        * Fixed: Several rare crash bugs
        * Fixed: Portuguese is now properly called "Portuguese (Brazil)"


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          Paint.NET 3.0 Beta 3

          * More complete translations, especially for German
          * Fixed: All known high-DPI scaling and layout issues. The UI should work great at 96, 120, 144, and 196 DPI screen resolution settings
          * Fixed: Some toolbar layout issues
          * Fixed: Thumbnail renderer had a race condition in its renderer thread which prevented proper shutdown in a few rare cases
          * Fixed: Crash when shutting down the system
          * Fixed: View->Grid did not work right
          * Fixed: History and rendering problems when typing text with the Text tool and then using Image->Flip
          * Fixed: Some selection text reporting a "0 x 0" selection when it shouldn't have been
          * Miscellaneous tweaks and fixes


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            Paint.NET 3.0 Final

            * Simple and intuitive tab-based multi-document user interface
            * Now available in 8 languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish
            * Interactive Gradient Tool that makes it very easy to draw and then fine-tune placement and coloring of a gradient.
            * User-definable color palette (as opposed to just the color wheel)
            * New effects: Clouds, Median, Unfocus, Outline, and an improved Sharpen
            * More intuitive and more powerful toolbar
            * Generally improved and cleaner user interface
            * History files are now compressed to save disk space, reduce disk activity, and improve performance.
            * "Merge Down" layer command
            download: SkyOrb Paint.NET Mirror Site


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              v3.01 Released: February 26th, 2007 - Download
              This is a small update that fixes a few bugs that have been found since 3.0 was released.

              * Fixed: Crash when trying to save a palette with a blank name
              * Fixed: Changing an image's DPI resolution did not set its "dirty" flag (you would not be asked to save changes)
              * Fixed: Error messages at startup were covered by the splash screen
              * Fixed: Crash when a modal dialog was open (such as an effect) when the user tried to logoff/restart/shutdown Windows, and they chose to save their images
              * Mitigated some CPU usage issues when the app was minimized and a complex selection was active
              download: Paint.NET - Download


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                Mitlerweile ist die Version 3.10 draußen. Hier ist der Link für das Changelog (nebst Roadmap) und natürlich auch ein Downloadlink.

                Viel Spaß damit
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